Second Sunday after Epiphany

Service Time: 11:00AM

                      January 20, 2019


              We Gather in God’s Name


Ringing of the Steeple Bell


Welcome and Announcements


Prelude              Lord, Hear My Prayer     Lucinda Hemmick

                                       Franklin Ritter

Call to Worship


No matter how far we wander from you, O God,
your steadfast love finds us. 
No matter how unjust the world seems to us, O God, 
your steadfast righteousness sustains us.
No matter how vulnerable our lives seem to us, O God, 
your steadfast presence gives us hope.
No matter how unloved and uncared for we feel, O God, 
you hear our cries and answer our prayers.
Thanks be to God!


Hymn        All Creatures of Our God and King            455


Prayer of Confession

God you have given each of us many gifts,

but sometimes we cannot recognize

what gift we have to share,

so we hide it under a bushel.


God you remind us that all gifts are needed,

but sometimes we let ourselves be convinced

that some gifts are more special than others.


God you call us to work, to live, to love together as parts of one body,

but sometimes we decide that membership in the body

is limited by our understandings.


God, for the times we have ignored or mislabeled Your gifts,

for those times we have cut another off from the body,

We offer words of repentance,

we ask for forgiveness and grace.


Silent Prayer

Assurance of Pardon

Passing the Peace

               Let us greet each other saying:

                           ‘May the Peace of Christ be with you.’



Creed – Bruce Prewer

We believe in the debonair God

who clothes the wild flowers

dressing them so superbly

that they outdo Solomon in all his glory;


Who is the true friend

of all creatures great and small

who feeds magpies and laughing kookaburras,

and even doleful ravens and dromos.


We believe in the God of Christ Jesus

the Source of abundance, who is the true Friend

full of grace and truth.


We believe in the extravagant God

who turns the other cheek,

goes the second mile,

turns water into the best wine,

brings healing with his every touch,

and who welcomes a woman’s love

as she fills the house with unforgettable fragrance.


We believe in the faith-full God of Jesus Christ,

who sweated blood in an Olive Grove,

and kept the faith to the very end.


We believe in the redeeming God

who spared no cost,

forgave even his brutal crucifiers,

had time for a dying thief at his side,

and who on the third day

did a thing so prodigious

that even his friends were dismayed with joy.


ALL: We believe in the God of Jesus Christ,

the Source of abundance

wherever we turn

and no matter what we do. Amen


Prayer of Illumination


Scripture            Isaiah 62:1-5   ~    John 2:1-11


Sermon    “Ongoing Transformation Not Construction”

                                                                              Pastor Richie King


Hymn                    We All Are One in Mission                435


Sharing Joys and Concerns


Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer


Offertory           Open My Eyes That I May See

                                                      #32                      Chancel Choir



Hymn            All Hail, the Power of Jesus Name          142




Postlude              Come, Thou Almighty King

                                              Edward Broughton            Lucinda Hemmick











Text Box: The Session  of the Cutchogue Presbyterian Church calls a Congregational meeting for January 27 following worship.   1. Approve the contract of Pastor Richie King     2. 2018 Financial Report     3. Plans for 2019
















Today’s Altar Flowers were donated by Daphne Horton in loving memory of her late husband,

James Horton. 


February 17, 2019

Welcome To All !!




Sunday service begins at 11 am.  Everyone is invited.


Bible Study at Fellowship Hall in the lower level of the Church. All are invited!   Light Breakfast served. 


Bible Study at the Manse (House directly across Main Rd.)

Thursday at 6 PM

Soup and a roll served. 



Yard Sale at Cutchogue Presbyterian Church on July 20th, 2019. 

8:00 AM to 3 PM 

Vendors welcome to rent space. 

Call Dot Charnews at


See Yard Sale Tab for the Vendor Form 




Check us out on Facebook, too









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