Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

July 16, 2017

We Gather in God’s Name


Ringing of the Steeple Bell


Welcome and Announcements


Prelude           The Lord’s My Shepherd  

                                   Todd Kendall               Lucinda Hemmick

Call to Worship


Come and worship,

everyone on earth,

everywhere the sun shines,

let’s praise God together!


For listening when we call,

answering our prayers,

forgiving our mistakes,

and providing what we need:

let’s praise God together!


Come and worship,

everyone on earth,

everywhere the sun shines,

let’s praise God together!


Hymn    Blessed Jesus, at Your Word                    454


Prayer of Confession


The Divine Gardener cannot sow seeds of justice and peace

where there is nothing but hearts of dry, hard rocks. 

We confess that our hearts may need tilling

and the digging out of the deeply rooted sins

that crowd out seedlings planted with divine compassion.


God of steadfast love,

you change bitter tears of remorseful hearts

with raindrops of mercy,

Now let us germinate a new life, growing with integrity!


God of steadfast love,

you change the cold shame of contrite hearts

with sunrays of mercy

Now let us sprout a new life, growing with honesty!


God of steadfast love,

you change the stony edges of repentant hearts

into landscapes of mercy,

Now let us branch out into new life, growing with generosity!


Silent Prayer


Assurance of Pardon


Passing the Peace

   Let us greet each other saying:

                              ‘May the Peace of Christ be with you’          



Prayer of Illumination


Unison Affirmation of Faith

Jesus stays with us in the Spirit,
who renews our hearts,
moves us to faith,
leads us in the truth,
stands by us in our need,
and makes our obedience fresh and vibrant.
The Spirit's gifts are here to stay
in rich variety—fitting responses to timely needs.
We thankfully see each other
as gifted members of the fellowship
which delights in the creative Spirit's work.
He gives more than enough to each believer
for God's praise and our neighbor's welfare.


Scripture         Genesis 25:19-34       Psalm 119:105-112     

 Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23


Sermon           “Heart Condition”  Pastor Richie King


Hymn                Fairest Lord Jesus                          365


Sharing Joys and Concerns


Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer


Offertory   My Faith Looks Up to Thee (#383)       Choir




Hymn         Sent Forth by God’s Blessing      See Insert




Postlude          Praise to the Lord, the Almighty  

                                          Terry Kirkland      Lucinda Hemmick


August 21, 2017

Welcome To All !!


 Sunday service begins at 10 am.  Everyone is invited.





 Outdoor  Yard Sale at the Church on July 22, 2017 starting at 8 AM. Vendors are Welcome. Contact Dot at 631-734-7478



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