Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

October 15, 2017

Service Time: 11:00AM

We Gather in God’s Name


Ringing of the Steeple Bell


Welcome and Announcements


Prelude                                Amazing Grace                  Edward Eyestone                                                             


Call to Worship


Awaken from Your slumber,

and bring Your fears and anxieties

into the presence of the Lord our God.

Hear the call of our Shepherd,

and allow His voice

to lead from selfish ambition

to the feast of grace.

May the light of Christ

shine into the hidden darkness of our lives

and restore us

for the service of the Lord.



      Come let us worship God.


Hymn                My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less                    379

Prayer of Confession

God of grace, you invite us to a banquet, and we don’t even respond.
You set us a place at the table, but we find excuses not to come.
You lovingly prepare for our arrival, yet we ignore your efforts.
Forgive us, God.


God of creation, you give us a world capable of abundance,
but we act as if it is a world of scarcity.
You give us the resources and the intelligence to provide for all,
yet we lack the will and the vision to feed all of your children.
Forgive us, God, for filling our plates while others go hungry.


God of love, you call us to be the body of Christ in the world,
but we horde the blessings of communion for ourselves.
Instead of loving our neighbors, we are consumed by the love of self.
Instead of loving you, we bow before idols of our own making.
Forgive us, God.


God of hope, we avert our eyes when we see hunger and need;
we close our ears to the cries of the poor and the oppressed;
we refuse to let our minds be opened to the realities of our world;
we refuse to let our hearts overflow with love and compassion.
Forgive us, God.


God of mercy, as you once again call us to your table, help us to respond in faith.
Forgive our failures and help us to learn from them.
Change our hearts and minds as we hear your good news proclaimed.
Help us to taste and see the goodness you have prepared for us,
and for the world. 

Silent Prayer


Assurance of Pardon


Passing the Peace

                    Let us greet each other saying:

                                      ‘May the Peace of Christ be with you.’



Children’s Message


Prayer of Illumination



Hurricanes and floods and environmental havoc;
drones and IEDs and handguns;
cancer and heart disease and bodies shutting down;
poverty and injustice and oppression.
The ways of death in this world are many.
The words of death surround us.
The fear of death envelopes us.
But we come now to hear a different Word,
a true Word
a life-giving Word.
We are here on Isaiah’s mountain
where tears are wiped away,
where a banquet table has been set,
where death has been swallowed up forever.
We do not fully understand it.
We may not fully believe it.
And yet here it is:
the power of Christ’s life within us and among us.
So let us be glad and rejoice in our salvation!

Scripture     Exodus 32:1-14         Psalm 106:1-5            Matthew 22:1-14

Sermon                          “God Enjoys a Party”           Pastor Richie King

Hymn                            Jesus, Lover of My Soul                               303

Sharing Joys and Concerns

Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Offertory                     Let All Things Now Living                          Choir

                                                    G. Knight


Hymn                                Blessed Assurance                                    341




Postlude                                 Joyful Song                        Susan Brewster



 Daphne Horton has placed flowers on the altar today

         in honor of her Granddaughter’s and Great

                 Grandson’s birthdays this week.

Text Box: OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD is due November 13th  Text Box:   FIELD of FLAGS is on November 12th          See Janice or Barbara








October 17, 2017

Welcome To All !!


 Sunday service begins at 11 am.  Everyone is invited.


Sunday School is at 10:00 am to 10:40 pm at the Manse for the older children.


Nursery School for the younger set is a 11:00 am in Fellowship Hall while the older folk are at the Church Service


Bible Study and a Light meal is at 6:00 PM to 7:30 on Thursday starting on Thursday, September 28th at the Manse across the street from the Church. 


The Hanson House next to the Church is "For Sale"  Please see the Hanson House Tab under the News Tab for details. 







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